New York, NY, USA

Montreal, QC, Canada


NOMAD 9 DESIGN was founded in 2011 in New York, New York (with  an additional branch in Montreal, Canada) and offers integrated ideas and services for a variety of needs in our urban and regional environments. The studio takes a multidisciplinary approach in finding creative solutions based on scale, context, location, identity, aesthetics and budget, and  solving challenges through elegant, original but practical and workable designs.

Our work is based on finding the right balance between imagination and pragmatism, using design as a problem-solving process which addresses diverse social, economic and ecological realities. 

Nomad 9 Design is an advocate of eco-sensitive planning, of ecological urbanism, infrastructure sustainability and resilient landscapes.


Our principal focus is in providing consultation, concepts, feasibility studies and detailed design services for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Planning. 

Additionally, works for Product Design,  Art and Graphic Design for exhibition installations, print, logos, branding, album artwork, book and web-design are also created depending on the needs of the client.

We also indulge in photography, paintings and digital films. 

Nomad 9 Design works directly with our clients and/or acts as consultants to or in collaboration with large and small architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and other design firms as well as with creative artists, designers, musicians, writers , scientists and ecologists in USA, Canada and around the world. 

Maddy Samaddar Johnson architecture and design
Studio Director - Maddy Samaddar Johnson


Maddy Samaddar-Johnson (B.Arch., M.Arch., M.L.Arch.) is trained in both architecture and in landscape architecture & urban planning, with over sixteen years of American, Canadian and international experience.

She has worked on projects in over a dozen countries spanning five continents, encompassing numerous works in architecture (residential, cultural, institutional, hospitality, health-care, commercial, mixed-use), interiors (residential, commercial, cultural and institutional), landscape
architecture (public parks, private gardens, industrial parks, green-ways, urban squares & corridors, waterfronts, recreation design, restoration, preservation, flood protection, schools, resorts, community parks), set-designs, master-planning, transportation planning, as well as city and
regional planning.

Based in New York City, Maddy has previously worked with two Order of Canada recipients - noted contemporary architect Dan S Hanganu for several years as well as with eminent Canadian landscape architect and educator Ron Williams.

She has also worked in various roles – as a regional and national Director, consultant, senior planner and design + project manager - for several esteemed firms in USA, Canada and Italy (including Group Arcop Architects / Architecture 49, Group IBI, for South Florida's largest residential developer, for several New York clients, for OBR Italy & Renzo Piano) and also on projects undertaken by Global Affairs Canada (formerly the Canadian International Development Agency), the International Institute of Sustainable Development, by the Aga Khan Foundation & Development Network and for Architects Without Borders.

She'd interned under Prtitzker Prize laureate B.V. Doshi and while in her early 20s founded her first company which implemented design projects in India & Nepal.

Her work has won her academic & professional awards and fellowships and she has also given lectures/presentations at several institutes.

Her research and practicum focused on combining the principles of landscape ecology with transit-oriented-designed sustainable/resilient communities. 

Other than architecture, Maddy has also been active as a performer and designer in theater, music (jazz) and classical dance. She is a dual citizen of Canada and the US.

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